fulfilment ful‧fil‧ment [fʊlˈfɪlənt] , fulfillment noun [uncountable]
1. fulfilment of a hope, promise etc is when the thing that you had hoped for, promised etc happens or is done:

• Receiving the award was the fulfillment of a life-long ambition.

2. fulfilment of an order MANUFACTURING MARKETING the action of supplying the things that have been ordered:

• He ordered a stop to the unauthorized use of produce already allocated for fulfillment of state orders.

3. fulfilment of a contract LAW when you do in a satisfactory way the things that a contract says you must do:

• The clearing house guarantees fulfilment of all contracts by becoming a party to every transaction.

4. fulfilment of a condition/​specification/​requirement etc COMMERCE the action of reaching a standard that is necessary, especially one that has been officially decided:

• The offer of this contract is subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions.

• The Bundesbank said that the fulfillment of conditions of economic convergence between EU countries should not be linked to a specific time frame.

5. fulfilment of a need/​requirement COMMERCE an occasion when something that is wanted, needed etc happens or is given:

• The effective leader must perform two functions successfully, namely the achievement of the task which has been set and the fulfilment of colleagues' needs.

6. fulfilment of a role/​function/​duty etc when people, organizations, or machines do the things they must do or are expected to do:

• The fulfilment of the Bank's public duty overrides its duty of confidence to their customers.

7. fulfilment of an aim/​objective/​goal etc when you achieve what you were hoping to do:

• He focussed all the team's efforts towards the fulfillment of strategic goals.

• This aid money is crucial to the fulfilment of the government's economic policies.

8. the feeling of being satisfied, especially in your job, because you are using all your skills and qualities:

• He gained great fulfillment from teaching and training others for the profession.

• Working on a conveyor belt does little for a sense of personal fulfilment.

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fulfilment UK US (US fulfillment) /fʊlˈfɪlmənt/ noun [U]
the act of doing something that is necessary or something that you have wanted or promised to do: fulfilment of a contract »

The trade embargo had prevented fulfilment of the contract to deliver the goods before December.

fulfilment of terms/ conditions/requirements »

A conditional contract is subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions, such as planning approval being obtained.

fulfilment of an obligation/duty »

This advice is provided to you in fulfilment of our obligations under the relevant law.

fulfilment of an aim/objective »

You will be expected to contribute to the fulfilment of our objectives across key areas of the business.

fulfilment of sb's potential/promise »

Our aim is the fulfilment of every child's educational potential.


Opening a new store downtown will be the fulfillment of a dream.

the act of performing a particular task: fulfilment of a role/function »

These skills were important in the fulfilment of my role as project co-ordinator.

(also order fulfilment, also product fulfilment) COMMERCE the process of taking an order and sending a product to a customer: »

We will only accept returns if a packing error has occurred during the fulfilment of your order.

COMMERCE, MARKETING the fact of a company sending out advertising, taking orders, accepting payment, sending out goods, etc. for other companies: »

He is the manager of a huge mail order and fulfilment operation.

a feeling of pleasure because you are satisfied with what you are doing or have achieved: »

I found great fulfilment in most aspects of my work.


a sense of fulfilment

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